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493.6402 Fees

493.6402 Fees.—

(1) The department shall establish by rule biennial license fees that shall not exceed the following:
(a) Class “R” license—recovery agency: $450.
(b) Class “RR” license—branch office: $125.
(c) Class “MR” license—recovery agency manager: $75.
(d) Class “E” license—recovery agent: $75.
(e) Class “EE” license—recovery agent intern: $60.
(f) Class “RS” license—recovery agent school or training facility: $60.
(g) Class “RI” license—recovery agent school or training facility instructor: $60.
(2) The department may establish by rule a fee for the replacement or revision of a license, which fee shall not exceed $30.
(3) The fees set forth in this section must be paid by check or money order, or, at the discretion of the department, by electronic funds transfer at the time the application is approved, except that the applicant for a Class “E,” Class “EE,” or Class “MR” license must pay the license fee at the time the application is made. If a license is revoked or denied, or if an application is withdrawn, the license fee is nonrefundable.
History.—ss. 5, 11, ch. 90-364; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 17, ch. 94-172; s. 17, ch. 2011-205; s. 66, ch. 2012-5.


Current as of 7/28/2015